Bypass Youtube Login – FAQs

You can find answers to most of the questions on this page. If this page doesn’t cover your question, feel free to contact us.

What is

YoutubeNSFW is a website or website as a service which allows users to watch YouTube videos without logging in to their YouTube/Google account.

Why should I use this service?

Our most of the users use YouTubeNSFW when they are using public computers in libraries, colleges or cafes and they do not want to login with their account due to security reasons.

You can also use this service to remain anonymous while watching YouTube videos.

What are the advantages of using YouTubeNSFW over YouTube/Google account?

We do not offer any particular advantage over official YouTube login. We allow users to watch Videos without logging-in to these services.

How to use YouTubNSFW to bypass YouTube login?

Whenever YouTube asks you to login to see the YouTube video, simply put NSFW after YouTube in URL bar:

For example:

Will become:

Is this site legal?

We are not doing anything illegal on this site. We are just using a feature by YouTube, which allows websites to embed videos.

Why YouTube videos are not playing in my browser?

YouTube videos require JavaScript to be enabled in your browser.